Our focus areas for 2018 financial year

Our main focus will be on improving our retail
execution and performance
to achieve the required returns. This will be supported by SPAR Switzerland’s world-class distribution capability and support services, and with the recognition that this will take some time to achieve.
Going forward, SPAR Switzerland will build trust and strengthen our
with our retailers thereby involving them in our decision-making processes and strategy.
We will focus on
quality and convenience
and cluster our stores based on consumer needs defining hero categories per cluster, as well as creating convenience driven solutions for our retail stores.
In terms of category management, we will perform continuous range reviews to align with
customer needs,
use data and analytics to determine Swiss consumer segments and their needs and position our stores and product offering based on these customised needs.
SPAR Switzerland plans to host joint business planning sessions with our major suppliers to focus on the
collective opportunities
that exist to eliminate waste in the supply chain and share the benefits that accrue.

In line with our new strategy, an employee culture programme, to bed down our purpose values and vision, is in the planning stages and almost ready for roll‑out.