Our focus on human capital

SPAR Switzerland has been involved in the Swiss retail landscape for almost 30 years, and remains committed to adding value to the communities in which we operate through our values of passion, trust and collaboration.

We strive to deliver outstanding service and excellent product offerings, while simultaneously working towards social and environmental prosperity for all. We are involved in ongoing initiatives to strengthen the SPAR brand and enhance the reputation of SPAR Switzerland in the minds of stakeholders.

Community investment

The SPAR Switzerland ‘good neighbours’ campaign features a strong emphasis on fresh food, highlighting locally sourced produce, sold under the slogan of ‘fresh from the neighbourhood’. New initiatives around the campaign are being developed and rolled out with social responsibility and sponsoring as core values and developing our reputation as a responsible and involved corporate citizen. With this in mind, SPAR Switzerland sponsors a number of festivals, sporting and recreational events to encourage active, healthy lifestyles and has been supporting the Swiss Children Cancer Association for many years.

Our employees

One of our focus areas during 2017 and heading into 2018 is fostering motivated and empowered people. We strive to provide our employees with a working environment that nurtures career growth and development. We conduct biannual employee surveys to monitor and manage employee concerns and expectations to ensure we are able to attract, retain and develop our talent pool.

Employee development

During 2017, SPAR Switzerland offered employees 137 different courses across a range of 16 topics. An exciting new development is that the translation of all SPAR e-learning platforms has been completed and employees will have access to 15 courses through this medium.

We continually invest in the development of our people: our apprenticeships, for example, are a valuable differentiator. During the 2017 financial year, 52 (105 including our partners) new apprentices took up positions with SPAR Switzerland across our operations, and 49 (100 including our partners) apprentices finished successfully. Of these, 22 have remained with SPAR Switzerland and now occupy positions as employees at the corporate office, or at store level.

Health and safety

The health and safety of SPAR Switzerland’s employees is critical to the success of our business and to safeguard employee health and wellness, SPAR Switzerland subsidises employees’ annual medical check-ups. This initiative is particularly important for our more senior employees, who provide leadership and expertise within the organisation. Furthermore, employee wellness interventions have been planned for 2018 including an enhanced employee climate survey.

Food safety

SPAR Switzerland ensures that the highest standards of food safety are maintained. We have a dedicated quality control department to monitor food safety, and inspections are done in collaboration with local food inspectors who are employed by the Swiss government. In addition, we provide our employees with courses and training on food safety, as necessary.