Our focus on manufacturing and natural capital in the supply chain

Environmental initiatives are developed to yield commercial gains and environmental welfare, and include enhancements to our fleet, as well as a number of energy- and waste-reduction programmes to make our distribution operations more environmentally friendly.

Initiatives include the following:

  • Improved transport and logistics systems have resulted in significant cost reductions. We reduced TopCC deliveries from 12 to six per week and the SPAR route optimisation programme is currently being rolled out to all stores and this will result in SPAR deliveries being reduced from six to three.
  • We acquired our first hybrid truck for testing with the aim to possibly replace all traditional diesel trucks. The aim is to continue to rely on latest technologies in the future and thereby make an active contribution to lessening our impact on the environment. All our diesel trucks are equipped with Euro 6 engines, which produce lower emissions.
  • SPAR Switzerland launched PET recycling, and in 2017 recycled the equivalent of 2 300 tonnes of PET, packaging and electronic waste.
  • We engage with local forums, which focus on energy saving and the environment, and, through a number of energy-saving initiatives, we achieved an 1.2% year-on-year reduction in heating and energy costs.
  • We introduced LED-lighting at our warehouse facility.