Build it’s product mix is responsive to the changing needs of consumers.

Build it Hermanus opened its doors in 2016 as a family-run store, owned and operated by Eddie and Sylvana Burger and their sons Dylan and Clayden. The store is situated in the Hermanus industrial area, near Zwelihle, an informal settlement consisting of shacks and RDP housing – a community that fits the Build it target market profile.

The Burger family built the Hermanus Build it with their own team and a lot of assistance from Sylvana’s engineer father, Italo Martinengo, who encouraged them to employ sustainable solutions and attempt to operate ‘off-the-grid’ as far as possible.

In keeping with Build it’s sustainable building focus, the Burger family managed to reduce the environmental impact and energy costs of the store. They installed solar panels and low energy lights and the store is not dependent on municipal power at all. They also insulated the building using a special board, capable of reducing operational heating and cooling costs, thus creating positive environmental and climate change consequences.

Build it’s product mix is responsive to the changing needs of consumers, and consequently enables the family to provide their customers with a growing supply of sustainable home-based, water and power supply solutions. The brand is one of biggest suppliers of water tanks in the country, and is committed to increasing its range of products to enhance water harvesting, quality and supply. A move toward LED-lighting and solar powered technologies provides consumers with sustainable solutions