Our profile in South Africa

We serve licenced SPAR retailers in South Africa and neighbouring countries through our seven distribution centres, which contract with more than 5 000 suppliers and service providers to offer more than 1 300 SPAR branded products to consumers.

South African retailers trade through nine different branded store formats offering groceries, Fresh produce, liquor, pharmaceuticals and building material. The range of SPAR store formats allows us to serve the entire range of consumer income groups in all regions of South Africa.

Our distribution centres constitute a total of

286 935 m2

warehousing space and distributed a total of

223.6 million

cases this year.

Our distribution network handles


of SPAR’s turnover whereas


is sourced directly from third-party suppliers.

Our distribution

activities resulted in a total distance of

30 927 548 km

travelled for the year.

Find our store profiles here and read more about the distribution centres here.