Board composition

The SPAR Group Ltd has a small board – this balances our requirement for effective meetings with active participation from each board member against the need for balanced committee membership, skills, diversity and independence.

The Nomination Committee is ultimately responsible for providing direction in this regard and for ensuring that the board has access to the appropriate leadership talent.

See below for a summary of our diversity aspects and read the board member profiles here.

* Black as defined by the Black Economic Empowerment Act of 2003
Excludes Andrew Waller who was appointed as an independent non-executive director after year-end.

Read more about the process governing board and committee composition in the Nomination Committee report.

Following the appointment of Andrew Waller, we are satisfied that our composition reflects an improved and even more refined mix of knowledge, skills, experience, diversity and independence to enable ethical and effective leadership for the group.

Read more about our independence evaluation during the year in the Chairman’s report. Our Chairman was confirmed as independent, despite his tenure as Chairman for 13 years.