The CEO of The SPAR Group

The CEO is accountable to the board for the daily management of the company and co-ordinates the implementation of board policy and strategy through the Executive Committees.

The CEO’s responsibilities include, among other things, ensuring that the company conducts its affairs within the rule of law and abides by the SPAR’s Code of Ethics, and keeping the board informed of all its major business proposals and developments by way of specific reports, within limits set by the board.

The CEO’s notice period is three months and succession planning is in place.


Our Company Secretary is a suitably qualified and experienced employee who is able to provide the board with the requisite support for its efficient functioning and discharge of its duties.

Read her profile here. She contracts with the necessary service providers to provide specialist input or guidance on board matters, including, for example, Deloitte & Touche, EOH Legal Services, Chartered Secretaries South Africa, Garlicke & Bousfield, the Institute of Directors Southern Africa and CorpStat Governance Services. We believe these arrangements are effective and appropriate for the efficient functioning of the board.

Further disclosures on the King IVTM principles are available here.


SPAR made no contributions to political parties in any of the territories in which it operates. The Group made a commitment to contribute R10 million to the SA SME Fund (the South African CEO Initiative).