Our governance ecosystem

The board is the custodian of corporate governance and plays a prominent role in the strategic development, risk management and sustainability processes of the group.

The SPAR Group Ltd’s governance ecosystem extends beyond the listed entity to include areas of influence that are material to the sustainability of the group.

The SPAR Group Ltd is a member of SPAR International, which grants licences to countries to use the SPAR Brand. Our CEO, Graham O’Connor, was elected as president of SPAR International in 2016. As a licence holder for 11 countries, the SPAR Group is an active participant in the international network’s governance structures, which are built on a guild system of retailers and wholesalers working in partnership on a regional, national and international level.

Not all SPAR countries use the guild model. In South Africa, The SPAR Guild of Southern Africa and The Build it Guild of Southern Africa are both non-profit companies governing the mutual interests of SPAR and its retailers. Each has a Social and Ethics Committee as part of its governance structure. Read more about the guilds here.

Multiple cross-memberships of executives and directors between the guilds, the board and its committees ensure information flow to support effective control and sustainable performance.