Priorities for 2018

As a board, we continue to focus on retailer success as our top imperative to ensure sustainable value creation.

Our ability to cope with the economic downturn and adjust to a world of technological change will be some of the board’s strategic priorities for the next year, in addition to succession planning and the continuous development and motivation of our employees.

The further integration and optimisation of our recent acquisitions will demand attention as we align our purpose, vision and values in all areas of the business. We remain excited about the ways in which our geographic diversification mitigates risk, provides growth opportunities and enables us to expand our contribution to global food and convenience retail.


The hard work and commitment of our employees – our most valuable asset – must once again be acknowledged.

Similarly, the board acknowledges the invaluable role played by the Divisional Managing Directors of our distribution centres in overseeing the group’s daily operations, while remaining committed to supporting social and environmental sustainability at a regional and national level.

We also extend our appreciation to the CEO, executive management and all board members for their ongoing service.

Our sincere condolences go out to employees and retailers who lost family members and friends this year.