Our strategy at a glance


First-choice brands in the communities we serve


To provide expert leadership and support to retailers to enable them to run sustainably profitable and professional businesses

Strategic imperatives

Excellence in Fresh

Supply chain optimisation

Retail relationships, leadership and support

Centre of community

Competitive pricing

New business opportunities


Retailer profitability

Motivated and competent people

Strategic enablers

  • Collaborative relationships
  • Lean organisation
  • Effective systems (distribution centres and retail)
  • Social and environmental commitment
  • Skills to run profitable retail stores

Our strategic enablers consider our internal and external interactions with stakeholders and the environment and support our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen.

One minor change to our strategy this year was the decision to elevate one of the enablers to a strategic imperative: motivated and competent people.

With our growing international footprint, it has also become evident that SPAR’s strategy has to adapt to be relevant to all territories, while being fully integrated into risk, sustainability and performance management. This will be a focus area for 2018.

Our strategic imperatives are discussed and ranked in terms of focus for a particular period by the executive team and the guilds on a quarterly basis. The short term focus for 2017 was as follows:

Strategic imperative (short term focus) SPAR Retailer/guild
Retailer growth and profitability 1 1
Retailer relationships, leadership and support 2 9
Transformation 3 4
Competitive pricing 4 2
Motivated and competent people 5 6
New business opportunities 6 3
Excellence in Fresh 7 5
Centre of community 8 7
Supply chain optimisation 9 8