Our focus on manufacturing and natural capital in the supply chain

Environmental initiatives are developed to yield commercial gains and environmental welfare, and include enhancements to our fleet, as well as energy- and waste-reduction programmes to make our distribution operations more environmentally friendly.

Supply chain optimisation and logistics remain the most significant improvement opportunities in the business and a significant amount of resources and effort have been focused on addressing these. All drivers have and continue to receive environmentally friendly driving techniques and we have on-board monitoring to measure performance.

Our PET recycling plant is operational and working well while order and pack size optimisation efforts are underway to reduce waste.

We were the first in Switzerland to use hybrid trucking since 2012, starting with Volvo, and more recently we have started using Scania hybrid vehicles. This represents a CO2 emission saving of 13 000 kg per annum and through using a combination of road and rail transport we save a further 45 000 kg per annum. This amounts to a total saving of 58 tons per annum in fleet CO2.

The aim is to continue to rely on latest technologies in the future and thereby make an active contribution to lessening our impact on the environment.