Our outlook and priorities

South Africa

We expect the trading environment in South Africa to improve in the medium term following the positive political changes implemented by government. 

We believe that SPAR’s independent retailers remain suitably positioned to address the remaining challenges, supported by an extensive distribution capability and market-leading brands.


The BWG Group’s outlook, despite Brexit uncertainties, remains positively cautious. Management’s proactive response to market changes will continue to deliver results in line with expectations. The acquisition of 4 Aces and Corrib Foods will contribute positively to the Irish group’s growth objectives.


The Swiss business will maintain its focus on driving strategic initiatives to improve overall performance. We expect trading conditions in Switzerland to remain stable.

Our priority for the next year will be to drive the implementation of our new strategy in South Africa. We believe this can make a fundamental difference to our business through the commitment to put consumers at our heart. The GUEST retail service programme has an important role to play in permeating this approach into every SPAR store in South Africa.

We also remain involved in SPAR International. It is exciting to be part of a global group that continues to create demand while rolling out the brand in new countries. The international group is showing great progress in countries such as China and Russia, thereby developing and supporting entrepreneurs worldwide.

Graham O’Connor
Chief Executive Officer

13 November 2018