SPAR Switzerland has been involved in the Swiss retail landscape for 30 years and is committed to bringing value to the communities in which we operate. We strive to deliver outstanding service and excellent product offerings, and work towards social and environmental prosperity for all. We are involved in initiatives to strengthen the SPAR brand and enhance the reputation of SPAR Switzerland.

Our employees are an asset

1 139

Employees across our corporate offices, distribution centres and warehouses in Switzerland

No complaints/fines

We adhere to relevant Swiss labour legislation and standards

We strive to foster motivated and empowered employees and provide a working environment that nurtures career growth and development. To ensure we can attract, retain and develop our talent pool, we conduct bi-annual employee surveys to monitor and manage employee concerns and expectations.

Read more about our employees in the section on material relationships.

Supporting our people as they develop

CHF0.4 million

Spent on employee development

1 282

Employees trained (including MA-partner)


Learnerships rolled out during the year


Apprenticeships rolled out during the year

SPAR Switzerland is offering several retail and wholesale courses for trainees. Of the 100 graduates who started this year, an estimated third will either continue working for SPAR Switzerland or do additional training.

Through its training courses, covering a variety of occupational fields, SPAR Switzerland provides young professionals with the opportunity to progress in their careers.

In addition to retail and wholesale training, courses are offered in traffic, logistics and transport. Those training to become transport specialists, for example, learn about maintenance and repair work of delivery trucks, becoming familiar with logistics at SPAR. They are also taught about SPAR Switzerland’s commitment to climate protection and its drive to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 20% over the next five years.

Key facts for 2019:

  • 119 academy courses
  • 1 282 participants
  • 269 apprenticeships
  • 101 apprenticeship qualifications (including partners)
  • 15 learners staying with SPAR

Ensuring health and safety


Employees who received health training


Employees who received safety training

No complaints/

We subscribe to the legislated requirements for health and safety and are audited accordingly.


Deaths on duty

Employee health and safety is critical to our success. Therefore, we subsidise employees’ annual medical check-ups. This initiative is important for our more senior employees who provide leadership and expertise.

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