Environmental initiatives are developed to yield commercial gains and drive environmental welfare. These initiatives include fleet enhancements as well as energy and waste reduction programmes to make our distribution operations more environmentally friendly.

Supply chain optimisation and logistics remain the most significant improvement opportunities in the business and therefore receive ongoing focus, investment and effort. Drivers receive ongoing guidance on environmentally friendly techniques, and we have onboard monitoring to measure performance.

31 trucks and 67 drivers travel 3.2 million km/year primarily in eastern Switzerland to the 186 SPAR stores, 11 TopCC stores and 81 Maxi stores

In excess of 630 000 rolltainers are used in goods delivery to retail

8 000 m2 including the newly developed Meat and More holding and picking zone

14 million fresh units or cases distributed per year

25 000 m2

12 million dry units or cases distributed per year

We introduced two initiatives to maximise space and efficiencies in the warehouse and continue planning the redevelopment of our inbound and relaying outbound holding areas. The latter remains subject to the finalisation of a neighbour’s expansion plans. We also significantly optimised our fleet and route planning.

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Our first initiative was the automation of rolltainers. Full inbound rolltainers can easily be stored in a compact way. They can be dealt with at a quieter time without affecting available floor space and manpower. This change allowed us to offload inbound SPAR trucks faster thus ensuring a quicker turnaround time for second deliveries in the afternoons.

We also implemented an automated empty sorter which scans, photographs and separates crates for ease of cleaning and storing. This process further allows for accurate credit notes containing both scanned and photographic history to ensure 100% accuracy for the distribution centre and retailers. This initiative reduced overhead costs and ensured improved efficiency and accuracy throughout the process.

The fleet optimisation system improved our route planning in line with service level agreements with retailers. Service level agreements are continually assessed based on volumes and frequency of deliveries. The system allows us to compare routes, provides delivery cost overviews and tracks target versus actual delivery times. Timeous departure heavily depends on the picking and loading process: we can now view picking progress to identify bottlenecks. The next step is to further develop tracking and electric loading to further increase efficiencies.

The master plan to redevelop our facility’s inbound area and the relay of outbound and key holding areas is on hold. This is subject to a neighbour’s development plans as these might affect our inbound and holding as well as parking areas.

SPAR Switzerland received the 2019 Lean & Green Award from GS1, a not-for-profit organisation developing and maintaining global standards for business communication. The Lean & Green Initiative was launched in Holland in 2008 on the government’s behalf and established itself in 12 countries with over 500 participating companies. The award recognises companies, such as SPAR Switzerland, committed to reducing their CO2 emissions in transport and logistics by at least 20% within five years.

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Our commitment is based on enhancing efficiency in the system with the resulting reduction of our CO2 emissions as a bonus. We continue identifying improvement opportunities relating to our transport management system, driver training, rail delivery, chilled segmentation and air curtains.

Environmental initiatives focus on yielding commercial gains and environmental welfare, and include enhancements to our fleet, as well as energy and waste reduction programmes to make our distribution operations more environmentally friendly.

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SPAR Switzerland launched SPAR Natural coffee capsules which are Nespresso compliant and fully compostable. With Nespresso being the largest coffee brand in Switzerland, this is a quick win to assist consumers in making better purchasing decisions. 

When launching our Meat and More concept, one of the founding principles was to drastically reduce plastic packaging. We reduced packaging in 50% of the introductory range by up to 60%. This achievement is applied to the remaining range and will extend into other concepts and innovations such as Beantree, Fresh to Go and SPAR Natural.

SPAR Switzerland priorities for 2020

  • Topline growth
  • Retail profitability
  • Opex and margin management
  • Stockholding

SPAR Switzerland retailers’ top priorities

  • Topline growth
  • Opex management, including historic leases
  • Service level agreement calibration