We encourage entrepreneurship, live our family values and demonstrate passion. These values shape our relationships with independent retailers and form the foundation of our decision-making and strategy.

Our decentralised business model gives our distribution centres and the people who work there a high level of independence and autonomy. As such, SPAR’s success depends on our employees understanding and working according to the values, ethos and policies of the group.

Our values

In 2014, we followed a broad and participative process to review our values. For each of the three values, a definition was developed, behaviours identified and we determined ways to measure whether we are effectively living these values. These values are our ethical and moral compass and decision-making foundation.

Defining entrepreneurship
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Problem-solving
  • Taking ownership and responsibility for outcomes
  • Visionary leadership and the ability to take calculated risks
  • Long-term focus versus short-term gain
Demonstrating entrepreneurship
  • Appropriate decentralised decision-making
  • Courage
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Innovation
  • Rule bending and taking challenges head on
  • Resilience
  • People involvement in idea generation and problem-solving
Measuring entrepreneurship
  • Group and divisional performance versus objectives
  • Introduction of innovation and continuous improvement into own job/department
  • Employee retention
  • Adaptability in a changing environment

Defining family values
  • Creating a sense of belonging in the SPAR family, particularly with our people and our retailers
  • Supporting and embracing every person’s contribution
  • Personalising work and business relationships
  • Working together for the greater good of the company; which means putting one’s own agenda aside and demonstrating true teamwork, and removing silos
Demonstrating family values
  • Demonstrating empathy
  • Understanding and embracing diversity
  • Listening with purpose and interest; genuine consultation
  • Investing time in developing people
  • Tolerating for self-expression
  • Participating and encouraging teamwork
  • Communicating
  • Networking
  • Speaking up and speaking out respectfully
  • Acting with integrity
  • Treating others like you want to be treated
Measuring family values
  • Productivity, teamwork and empowerment of teams
  • Quality of conversations, i.e. whether conversations are free and honest
  • Goal achievement
  • Employee climate/culture surveys
  • Supplier ratings
  • Retailer surveys

Defining passion
  • Demonstrating unrelenting commitment to our consumers and retailers, suppliers, the SPAR brand, our jobs and teammates
  • Displaying authentic, positive energy and attitude
  • Being enthusiastic
  • Wanting to do what you are currently doing and enjoying it in the process
Demonstrating passion
  • Going the extra mile
  • Taking accountability
  • Walking the talk, i.e. “say what you mean and mean what you say”
  • Owning your opinion
  • Being professional
  • Owning up to mistakes
  • Giving credit where credit is due
Measuring passion
  • Think Retail Survey
  • Achievements
  • Individual and team ratings, or other 360 degree-type measures
  • Employee retention
  • Public opinion of SPAR people
  • Pride in wearing our uniforms
  • Support for company activities
  • Absenteeism